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For many people, accounting and bookkeeping just seem like a painful part of running a business. With all the numbers and rules, it makes their head spin (perhaps this is you).
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However, Dayna Carr, founder and owner of Dayna Carr Accounting Solutions, has worked her entire professional career (over 30 years) in the financial services industry.


Dayna has acquired expertise in diverse sectors throughout her professional journey, encompassing fields such as marketing research, commercial real estate, wealth management, and small local businesses. However, she dedicated 13 years to the engineering industry and an additional 5 years to the communications sector as her primary areas of focus.


All of her experiences have allowed her to refine her accounting skill set so that she can serve businesses with efficient and successful accounting.

About Dayna Carr Accounting Solutions

After spending years working in a corporate accounting environment, Dayna started Dayna Carr Accounting Solutions in 2018. Based in Bucks County, she now operates virtually and in person, assisting businesses with a revenue base between $100K -8M. She is knowledgeable in Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop and has proficiency with Deltek Vision and Deltek Vantagepoint, accounting software widely used in the Engineering industry.

Dayna enjoys working with business owners and professionals who are enthusiastic about their work. Her clients are passionate about what they do and desire to keep their businesses running well so that they can keep doing what they love. Coming alongside them to help them understand their profitability and answer the big questions is why she loves being their partner in profitability.


In her free time, Dayna enjoys traveling, music, the arts, and reading.

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Testimonial about working with Dayna

"Dayna is the controller for a client of mine. I am the outside accounting firm and Dayna does the accounting for the client. She is very knowledgeable and highly skilled in accounting and the use of QuickBooks. She is very professional and it is a pleasure to work with her."

-Albertjohn DePalantino, CPA

"I met Dayna right as I was starting my own marketing consulting business. She was a great help in getting me set up in QuickBooks correctly! I did a 1-1 training session with her. She is very detailed-oriented. When she didn't know the answer (I had some weird things going on in QuickBooks with my linked banked accounts), she went back to QB to get more answers. She followed up thoroughly. And she's also a very pleasant person to work with!"

- Lauren Allegrezza

"I worked with Dayna at McMahon Associates for approximately 10 years. Dayna was instrumental in helping me coordinate the billings for a large client who had numerous sites where we performed survey and design services. She was always friendly, professional and always willing to help when needed. Dayna was a pleasure to work with on a daily basis."

- Richard M. Menno

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